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  • Core learning that helps create a common vocabulary
  • Corporate citizenship learning
  • Compliance courses

Reach to Teach has partnered with International SOS & Control Risks to provide a comprehensive medical and security programme that will prepare, advise and assist you while on an international business trip or expatriate assignment. This guide outlines the benefits of the partnership and how you can use your service; pre-trip, while you are away, post-trip and in an emergency.

Understand the Safeguarding policy at RTT and how it impacts you.

This course will introduce you to Reach to Teach Safeguarding policy and procedure, so all staff understand their safeguarding roles and responsibilities.

You will be able to:

  • Explain what safeguarding is and why it is important for Reach to Teach.
  • Describe the key areas of Reach to Teach’s approach to safeguarding.
  • Explain how the Code of Conduct helps to create safe, secure and positive working environments.
  • Give examples of the types of safeguarding concerns you may encounter and explain how to report them.
  • Identify where to go or who to ask for further help and advice about safeguarding.

Learn how to manage a project using the basic project management tools

A basic course to introduce all RTT employees to the RTT Education Approach.

Learn why Health and Safety is important at the workplace and how can you contribute.

A basic induction and on-boarding course for all new joiners at RTT.